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Fully Automatic Weighbridge 80t Electronic Truck Scale Manufacturer

1. Ideal delivery time 2. Fast and economical installation, even in restricted sites 3. Convenient access 4. No exposed wiring 5. Low profile 6. Full capacity test weights calibration for weighbridge before leaving factory
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Structure of truck scale platform (18x3m)

Structure of truck scale  Modular steel structure
Dimension 18x3m
Top plate Checkered plate
Thickness of top plate 8+2mm
Modules quantity 10pcs
Bridge parts quantity 6pcs
Dimension of long module 5535x1500x270mm
Weigh-bars 4pcs
Dimension of each weigh-bars 2900x350x270mm
U beam thickness 6mm
U beam quantity



Specifications of Kejie modular truck scale

platformSize Max capacity Model Division Sections Axle load Net weight
3X8m 80t SCS-MU-80T  20kg 2pcs 15t 4.7t
3X10m 80t SCS-MU-80T  20kg 2pcs 15t 5.4t
3X12m 80t SCS-MU-80T 20kg 2pcs 15t 6.2t
3x14m 80t SCS-MU-80T 20kg 3pcs 15t 7.5t
3x16m 80t SCS-MU-80T 20kg 3pcs 15t 8.3t
3x18m 80t SCS-MU-80T 20kg 3pcs 15t 9.0t
3X20m 80t SCS-MU-80T 20kg 4pcs 15t 10.4t
3x22m 80t SCS-MU-80T 20kg 4pcs 15t 10.3t
3x24m 80t SCS-MU-80T 20kg 4pcs 15t



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