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SCS-MU Low Profile Modular Truck Scale--Steel Deck

Specifications Widths: 3 or 3.4m Lengths:8,10,12,14,16,18,20,22,24,26,28,30m Full scale capacity: up to 120t Safe overload: 130% Divisions:15kgs, 20kgs, or 25kgs Concentrated Load Capacities(CLC): 15t, 20t, and 30t Max. span deflection ratio: 1: 800
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Brief Introduction

Keje ScS-MU Modular Truck Scale adopts completely new structure design from Europe, outstanding rust

protection processes, and top quality electric spare parts. It offers higher rigidity, greater reliability, much lower

transportation cost, faster installation, easier maintenance, and much higher rust protection performance than

truck scales from other Chinese suppliers


Main features

Real modularized structure, outstanding exchangeability

Outstanding rigidity and heavy-duty structure: 10mm thick steel checkered top plate; 8 pcs of u-beams which are all bent from at least 6mm thick steel plates, whereas, other Chinese suppliers use 4 to 6 beams with plate thickness of 4-5mm which leads to poor rigidity and makes the deck deformed and wavy

More weighbridges can be loaded into container: this weighbridge is specially designed as per the dimension of 20ft container. The full use of container is to the utmost For 2 units of 3x 18m (capacity: 60t, CLC 15t) truck scale, we need only one 20ft container to fit

The delivery time is incredibly short: real modularized structure ensures us to keep enough modules in stock. So we can deliver standard truck scales in very short time For 2 units of 3x18m truck scale, we need only 10 days to deliver.

Fast and economical installation, even in restricted sites: this smart structure is very easy to install. During assembling, no need to turn over the bridges. It takes about 6 hours to finish installation of 1 complete unit of 3x18m truck scale. Even in the place without crane, it can be easily installed by a 3t forklift

Convenient access: removable section covers allow convenient access for maintenance and service

No exposed wiring: high quality plastic hot water pipes are applied in the weighbridge to protect the cable, which has outstanding rust protection performance and won't damage the cable.

Low profile design : the height from base plate to top deck is only 340& 370mm(both pit type and above ground type)

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