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Keli Didital Indicator D2008-H
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Keli Indicator D2008-H Introduction

D2008-H is with built-in electrical isolation and anti-static design, It decrease some

phenomenon caused for connecting the floor like Serial interface damage, load cell

damage.unstable weight. communication problem. The design of Cells Lightning

Protection is improved the protection ability and suit for static digital truck scale

system (AC is transformer type)

Similar series products: D2008-(HP)---thermal micro-printer

D2008-(HP1)---type micro-printer

Characteristics and basic functions:

1. A built-in constant current float charging circuit can protect the battery better

2. Fast storage design, to solve the problem of full record store

3. Support custom fill typeset and printing function;

4 Isolation and anti-static design prevent load cell from device electric

5. Support E custom made dynamic encryption protocol and K protocol, improve Anti

cheating device capabilities

6. Support C, E and K protocol

7, Have the function in Automatic angle regulation inputting weight adjusting angle,

shaft angle adjustment and inputting ratio adjusting angle to satisfy the different


8. Support modbus instruction protocol and eight kinds of PC communication


9. Support 08 series indicator s way of encryption and JMQ01 way of encryption

10. Use transformer to power supply

Main technical parameter:

Accuracy Grad:              III , n=3000

Error Partition Coefficent:     PI=0.5

Division Value :    available

Digital load cell interface: RS485 Mode, the cable will reach 75m when connecting 12pcs load cells

Transmission speed: 960019200bps;

Load cell power supply: DC12V/750mA

Load cell numbers: 1-16pcs

Load cell communication protocol: KELI C protocol, C custom-built protocol

E protocol, E custom-built protocol and K protocol;

Display Mode: 7 bits, 0. 8inch LED digital tube,7 status indicator

Big screen interface: 20mAcurrent loop constant current source serial output, 600 baud rate, the transmission distance < 100m

Serial communication interface: with standard RS232, baud rate 600-19200 to be chosen

The printer interface: with standard parallel print interface, recommend EPSON LQ-


1600K(+)KX-P1131KX-P1121DS-300 Wide line printer and SPRT POS58Ⅳ

Zone-rich AB-300K

Data Storage: store 1000 group tare car number. the latest 1500 group weighing record, the latest 300 group imperfect weighing record

Indicator power supply: the power AC 110-220V, 50Hz(transformer type 220V, 50Hz);

Emergency auxiliary power: DC 12V/7 Ah free maintenance battery( random charging)

Exterior : 320×130×230mm



Weight :about 3.6kg(transformer type: 4. 5kgs)

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