Unmanned weighbridge weighing the true realization of intelligent remote control

Date:2015-11-18 09:21:07

Unattended weighbridge do unattended on the basis of management based on the electronic platform. Automatic unattended electronic platform anti-cheating system created a truck weighing automation pioneer, this product is currently weighing the industry's most complete and advanced truck unattended system, realize the true sense of the truck weighing automation, truck weighing process so convenient, safe, fast, accurate, and guide the weighing industry fully automated electronic platform technology. For electronic platform unattended remote metering application technology, it is a "devised strategies, winning thousands of miles away."

Unattended electronic remote metering platform, is the use of CCTV and audio and video transmission technology, combined with computer network technology, the establishment of set images, sounds, data, field device control in one of the remote weighing control system. Successfully TV monitor, optical fiber communications, sound and light alarms and other advanced technologies used in measuring systems, a complete solution to the remote metering of dangerous environments to achieve the scene unattended measurement methods and remote data transmission of local of measurement, the entire measurement process remote control (including monitoring and adjustment 0:00), no operating personnel to the scene.

Use unattended electronic platform system will enable industry, agriculture, mining, waste disposal industry and other industries save a lot of manpower, material costs, the need for trade settlement, vehicle detection, management companies and unit owner can accurately and quickly the complete weighing and vehicle and cargo inspection work, the system in order to promote the development of weighing automation, industrial automation, fully automated trading settlement development has played a leading role in the lead.

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