Quick treatment program weighbridge simple failure

Date:2015-11-18 09:44:06

Weighbridge is a load cell, communications interface circuits, AD converter circuit, display circuit, amplifier circuit, keyboard circuit, microcontroller circuits, power supply circuit. We will be a variety of problems or failures in the process of using the electronic platform.

  Weighbridge fault there are many, is divided into hardware with the software part, kodje small series with you to talk about how to quickly deal with simple faults electronic platform: the hope that useful to you.
  1. electronic platform to display inappropriate
 a. line detection between CPU and LCD are not broken.
 b. Check the LCD pins and holes whether oxidation, cold welding or short circuit.
 c. The normal LCD pin by hand in parallel with the maintenance of the scale LCD, and then boot to see if there are not the same as a normal LCD b benign conditions, such as no words can be concluded that the LCD is bad.
  2. weighbridge can not boot
  a. Check the fuse, power or switch, power cord and voltage switch if there is a problem.
b. Please remove the battery and then to the AC power is turned on, in order to understand whether the battery voltage caused by insufficient. (Measuring the battery voltage is higher than 6V up, charging below, if less than 5.5V, and replace the battery fully charged when soon no electricity.
  c. Check transformer Have AC110 / 220 input and output AC18V.

 3. Electronic platform key failure
 a. Please update K / B testing, such as the new K / B function properly, it can determine the K / B bad.
  b. measured between the K / B and CPU line for breaks, cold welding.
  c. Check the A / B foot if there is bad phenomenon.
 d. Measurement K / B and CPU loop of diodes whether a short circuit, open circuit.
  4. Unable to full load
  a. Check the sensor output signal value is within standards.

Master some simple troubleshooting weighbridge, weighbridge can effectively improve work efficiency. Thus avoiding some small problems but shoulder work processes.

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