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National food storage construction is a measure for safeguarding food safety, Kejie also participated into the construction of national grain depot storage, and contributed excellent products and services in many places in domestic.
Xiamen Jimei District Commissariat Purchase and Sale Co., Ltd. Jilin Grain Reserve Depot
Hsiamen Special Economic Zone Real Estate Development Group Co., Ltd. Quanzhou Nanan Provincial Grain Depot
Fuzhou Grain Wholesale Market Fuzhou Rice Industry Company
Sanming Jiangle Provincial Grain Storage Depot Hangzhou Yuhang District Grain Storage Co., Ltd.
Putian Hanjiang Provincial Grain Storage Depot Fushun Central Grain Depot
Fuqing Provincial Grain Storage Depot COFCO Biochemical Energy (Longjiang) Co., Ltd.
Quanzhou Jinjiang Provincial Grain Storage Depot Kaiping Food Bureau State Reserve Depot