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Cement manufacture industry is one of the rapidest developed fields in recent years in our company, it has provided products and services to several listed companies, such as Guangdong Tapai Group, Yongzhou Lotus Cement and Huizhou Guangda Cement.
Guangdong Tapai Group Co., Ltd. Huizhou Branch Fuzhou Jinniu Cement Co., Ltd.
Fujian Tapai Cement Co., Ltd. Huizhou Guangda Cement Enterprise Co., Ltd.
Sinoma Hengda Cement Co., Ltd. CPI Guizhou Zunyi Industrial Development Co., Ltd.
Fujian Yongan Wannian Cement Co., Ltd. Jiangxi Wanji Cement Co., Ltd.
Yongzhou Lotus Cement Co., Ltd. Huiyang Shuangxin Cement Plant
Jiangxi Shengta Industrial Group Co., Ltd. Guangdong Wengyuan Zhongyuan Development Co., Ltd.
Guangdong Luofushan Mountain Cement Co., Ltd. Nanjing Kaisheng Cement Technology Engineering Co., Ltd.