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Core competitiveness of enterprises

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1, the core team
The company has a core team of skilled companies. This team is organized by the company's high-end level, and consists of the chairman, general manager, and the relevant high-level personnel who can participate in major corporate decisions such as chief labor, marketing, finance, and marketing.
The company has been engaged in the innovative development and production of weighing instrument technology, products and services for nearly 20 years. The core team has clear goals and related skills. For the current weighing industry industrial chain, especially the automobile industry's current situation and development trend, there is a relatively accurate grasp of this type of product technology equipment, product innovation, management information and brand marketing and other related technologies are very familiar with. It is practical to set the goals for the company's immediate and long-term development.
2, research and development capabilities
The company owns a group of engineering and technical personnel with rich practical experience and high level. It has 18 professional and technical personnel, including 3 senior professionals, 7 intermediate professional titles, and 8 junior professional titles. Among the personnel engaged in technical research and development, all have mastered the weighing system development, software and hardware programming, precision manufacturing and welding, mechanical equipment design and other technologies, and can skillfully use the mapping software and analysis software. At the same time, the company established a strategic cooperative relationship with Fujian Institute of Technology.
3. Research and Development Achievements Obtained in Recent Years
In the past three years, R&D investment has produced a good circulation effect. Undertook 2 projects of the Provincial Development and Reform Commission and Fuzhou Economic Commission and obtained 4 software copyrights and 25 utility model patents, demonstrating excellent innovation capabilities.
The intelligent weighing system completed the research and development of flexible advanced manufacturing cells and systems, digital sensors, short-range wireless communications, low-power wireless networks, multi-network integration of RF automatic identification, Internet monitoring and sharing, etc., and achieved a complete material weighing solution. .
In recent years, it has completed six new product development projects and two innovative Internet of Things products. Including AVS automatic truck scale, smart card filling system, intelligent weighing (unattended) management system, and many other Internet of Things products, including the Internet of Things smart weighing (unattended) management system was awarded Fujian Province 2017 Excellent IoT Innovative Products.