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Transformation, upgrading, innovation and development

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The company implements the five development concepts advocated by the country and drives development with innovation. Since 2010, the company has initiated product structure transformation and upgrading. Based on the original traditional electronic truck scale, it has developed in the direction of the application of Internet of Things technology. It has developed a smart weighing product for the Internet of Things and has stood in the leading position in the weighing industry. The company is booming and thriving. After arduous efforts, we have achieved fruitful results in the development of the Internet of Things, which currently accounts for about 30% of the country's smart weighing market. Statistics show that the company’s sales revenue is the highest in the province and the top 10 in China.
   The company broke through the bottleneck of the traditional weighing enterprise development, and changed from the traditional weighing apparatus manufacturer to the overall solution provider of the material intelligent management system. It has become a sophisticated intelligent weighing system integrator and realized the transformation and upgrading of the enterprise to the high-end equipment manufacturing industry. Mastered the core technologies of smart weighing and automated loading, formed independent intellectual property rights, obtained a number of patented technologies (patented certificate attached), and six software copyrights (attached), the product won the 2017 outstanding Internet of Things in Fujian Province And intelligent hardware outstanding innovation award, won the national high-tech enterprise certification, and obtained the Fuzhou patented technology demonstration enterprise.
   The company's innovative business model occupies the highest end of the value chain and breaks through the limitations of simple or simple functions of traditional weighing equipment. It integrates flexible advanced manufacturing cells and systems, digital sensors, short-range wireless communications, low-power wireless networks, and multi-network convergence RF automation. Technologies such as identification and internet supervision and sharing have realized a complete material weighing solution and realized the reform of the supply side structure of the company.