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Development path

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In June 1998, Fuzhou Kejie Electronic Weighing Apparatus Co., Ltd. was established.
In March 1999, he obtained the "License for Manufacturing Measuring Instruments"
August 2001 Acquired “Explosion Proof Certificate” for the Explosion-proof Quality Inspection Center of Electronic Products for Chemical Industry
In February 2002, he became a member of China Weighing Apparatus Association
In September 2002, it was awarded the certificate of “China's Product Quality Restoration, Customer Satisfaction, and Top Ten Honest Enterprises”.
In September 2002, it was awarded the title of "Fuzhou Famous Brand Product"
August 2003 passed ISO9000 quality system certification
In December 2004, it was awarded the title of "Fuzhou Famous Trademark"
In March 2005, it was awarded the "National Top Ten Product Quality Notary Brand" certificate.
In January 2006, it was awarded the title of "Famous Brand Product in Fujian Province"
September 2007 was awarded "Product Quality Exemption Certificate"
In October 2007, it was awarded the title of "High-tech Enterprise in Fujian Province"
In November 2007, he became the executive director of China Weighing Instrument Association.
November 2007 title of "Famous Trademark of Fujian Province"
In December 2008, it was again awarded the title of "Famous Brand Product in Fujian Province"
In April 2009, it was awarded "Customer Satisfaction Products of Fujian Province in 2008"
In February 2010, it obtained 9 patent technologies such as “New Truck Scale”
In July 2010, it was again awarded the title of “High-tech Enterprise of the Province”
September 2010 was named "2008-2009 annual tax credit A-level enterprise"
In October 2011, a type test report was issued to obtain 200T truck scale manufacturing qualifications.
July 2012 Double T Cement Scale Passed Type Test Report
In August 2012, he obtained the "Computer Software Copyright Registration Certificate".
In October 2012, it won the certificate of explosion-proof electronic weighing system (new renewal)
Obtained Dynamic Wheel Axle Scale Measurement License in July 2013
In February 2015, it won the 2014 Fujian Famous Brand Product Honorary Certificate
December 2016 High-tech Enterprise Certificate
In October 2017, it won the 2017 Outstanding Internet of Things Innovation Product Award in Fujian Province